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Sunday, April 28, 2013

LIttle update.. that turned into a bit of a rant.. oops!

Hey y'all hope you are having a relaxing Sunday! Here's a video I made last night.. basically I do not even know what to say it talks about.. adhd kicked in and I started talking about anything & everything. Watch if you want:) Love y'all!
Erin Nicole


  1. like your blog. what about following each other??..

  2. I loved seeing you in real life! haha. I promise to do a VLOG sometime soon! Girl, you are the sweetest ever. Thank you for the shout out. Your faith inspires ME every day.
    Also, I am a reader too so I mark up my books like crazy. I LOVE self-help books. One day when we meet in real life can we go to a book store? :)

    1. Hahah Awh! real life.. lol I am very quirky.. not on purpose! Haha But I thought I would vlog instead of posting pictures.. since I have no one atm too! And heck yes we will go to the bookstore!!! It will be so much fun!!!


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