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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pearls & Jewels on this Sunday

Hey guys, I hope you had a relaxing weekend and got enough R&R before.. the ever dreadful.. MONDAY MORNING.. haha oh come on its not always bad.. sometimes it is really nice to start a new week & a fresh start! So today I made a video of my normal morning routine... just warning its not that interesting just thought it would be fun! It is under the video section! But if you do not want to take the time for to click on the tab page .. you can click HERE. I also want to thank my Sponsors who are in this posts! Shopbevel the link to their fab site is right here CLICK. Highly recommend checking out their website... its aaaaamazing! Always have to just thank my sponsors for help build and keep my passion for styling & passion alive! I also want to thank God for all I have in my life, I am so blessed and do not praise and give him thanks enough!
Hope y'all have a good rest of your day,
Erin Nicole

Tank- Target
Skirt- tj-max
Shoes- Ross
Pearls - Grandmothers!
Jewelry: Shopbevel: main site CLICK!
Exact earrings: click here!
Exact Bracelet: click!
Exact Bangles: Click!
Thank you for your gorgeous jewelry! They have some seriously major designs on their site, CHECK IT OUT!:)
My jam of the day :
(this video is from youtube.. I do not own any rights to this nor do I claim to!)



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    1. Thank you so much! You are such a doll have a lovely day,


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