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Saturday, April 20, 2013

you know you missed me.. well I hope :)

Hey guys.. so I made this video.. because I felt I needed to! I wanted to update y'all on everything and thank you for your patience, sweet words & support! I love you all<3
Anyways so here my first post in a while but I am going to try & keep/catch up this week! I also wanted to say.. my heart goes out to EVERYONE who was affected by the bombing in Boston, and the explosion in Texas. My heartaches for our world and what it is becoming. With that said I am very happy and blessed that I am able to continue what I love to do and carry on.. with God's help & support though! When things get tough.. I turn to God. Before I would turn away,  now I realize He is always there for anyone, everyone, anytime & anywhere.
I want to begin by thanking my lovely sponsors whose clothes & designs are featured below, for their support & patience with me! Thank you <3
You can find the link to their website right here:
You can find Inhale Love's shop right here:

yeah.. sometimes I get goofy & just have fun with the pictures especially with all my babies<3
Jacket: Target
Black Tank: Target
Pants: Tuxedo Pants by Shop Pretty Girl found right here!
Shoes: Shop Pretty Girl you can find their shoe collection right here!
Necklace: Inhale Love - similar here!
Also do not forget there is still HUGE DISCOUNT CODES GOING ON in previous posts! & the
J-Line Designs Giveaway!!! Win this beautiful necklace!:

                                           HOW TO ENTER IN PREVIOUS POSTS:)

                                                                            Erin Nicole


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