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Saturday, April 6, 2013

You can stand under my umbrella ;)

Hey guys I must admit I am obsessed with this leather, army green jacket I found. I hate having a broken heart.. but THIS TOO SHALL PASS... until then, I will do everything to keep my mind off of it, but I will always love this person. It is so hard to walk away. But I have super excited news today for y'all!!! The Sponsor in this post Knot Just Bracelets  is giving a major Discount Code to all followers of my blog, how lucky are you guys?!!? CLICK HERE FOR HER AMAZING SHOP! The Discount code is KJB30OFF which will take 30%. So thank you to Knot Just Bracelets. Anyways here in the Sunshine State... it is not always sunny... hate to break it to you guys.. but sometimes its nice to get to dress in chilly, rainy clothes! & I love this outfit! I am traveling this summer in Europe .. so this will come in handy!
Erin Nicole

Head Piece- Forever 21
Jacket- Forever 21
Leggings- Cotton On
Boots- Target
Umbrella- Walmart
Jewelry: Knot Just Bracelets: Full shop click HERE
Anchor Bracelet: exact one found right here : Click!
Cross Necklace: Exact found HERE!
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& Don't forget you are beautiful, and you are special.



  1. You are so cute! I love your headband and your jacket!

    1. Kimberly, Your comments always make me smile so happy we are following eachother!


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