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Friday, January 25, 2013

a teeny bit of mix & match!

Hi guys.. yes maybe some may think my outfit I am about to post may not fully meat the "matching requirements" but it was rather cold today and I just needed to throw on some tights and did not need my bum hanging out so I layered with some shorts:)! Again my go to leather jacket, except this time i attached the hood.. yes the hood zippers on & off.. how perfect.. right?!?! Anyways I am home for the weekend, going to get some R&R, all while catching up on school work for next week. I also wanted to say I just ordered the 4play by nume!!! I am soooo excited to try it! I also was able to afford a few new makeup palletes & a new airbrush makeup system.. Tutorials are coming soon, I promise! Hope y'all have a wonderful, happy, relaxing weekend! & enjoy the weather I def. am ! Love the bit of cold were being blessed with!:)
Much Love,




  1. I love the blush color you are wearing! Super pretty!

  2. Thank you!! its actually bronzer! haha but thankyou ! we should follow eachother:)!

  3. OMG I'M SO SOORRY! I thought I was following you already! :) peace! xo anyway, I'm so inlove with this look! great combination ;)


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