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Thursday, January 10, 2013

lets get waisted.. High-waisted!

Ha-ha I thought I would make that the title of this post even though its a wee bit dumb.. I atleast thought it was funny! So anyways today I thought I would write about my fav DIYshorts! yes diy .. so as y'all know for this past year or so high waisted jeans & shorts have been trending & really in! So I just had to join in! So I went to my all the thrift stores in my area.. and goodwills.. & they were all out! WHAT!?!?.. I thought the same thing! SO I brainstormed and decided I would make my own! I went everywhere searching for something I could work with and cut down to make into shorts american eagle, forever 21, hollister; and then finally Guess.. I walked in searched through all the jeans.. and then found this gem in the jean (guy) section... So I brought them home ... and cut them up into shorts!! Love them :)!!!

DIY high waisted shorts- Guess
Belt- Target
long sleeved shirt- boyfriends
boots- Charming Charlies!

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