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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Who says brown & black dont mix?

Hello guys!, So today I decided to post only a few pictures today because I just cant stand to be inside anymore its so beautiful out! The weather is like 60s or mid 60s and the sun is shining so its perfect! What a fantastic day, beautiful day! I never like real hot weather but the "Sunshine State"  is pretty much known for being hot & sunny! Don't get me wrong I love the sunshine.. who doesn't? but the heat.. eh not so much!  Hopefully y'all will excuse the fact that I had to take the shots myself .. typical mirror pic.. since I had no one to take them for me! Sorry! So I always heard you should not pair a primarily black outfit with brown shoes let alone boots.. but who says you have to listen to the "Fashion rules" anyways.. Sometimes it is fun to break the rules a wee bit ;) yes?

Fav Accessories I had to share:

I adore this cuff.. I got it on vacation a year or so ago?& It just caught my eye I love anything that is boho-ish & unique! It was at this darling boutique!& I also bought the fedora there, like y'all already know due to my past posts with all the ones I have!
(Leather Jacket- forever 21, Leggings-Target, Boots- Target (a season ago), White Tee- Forever 21, Aviators-tj-max, Backpack- Target)


  1. Gorgeous cuff!


  2. I love the hat and the bracelet! is that your mom? aww you guys look so sweet! <3 Anyway, would you like to follow each other?? just let me know! I'll follow back. PROMISE :)thanks in advance! x

    Blog: The Sassy Theory

  3. Thanks doll! No thats my grandmother:)! But yes Id love to follow already did :) xoxo ErinNicole


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