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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tangerine Tuesday!

So okay maybe this sweater is a little lighter in color but I would say it is real close to tangerine! So my outfit was totally impacted by the blah weather today.. and the fact I am in college.. and sometimes us college students (If I may speak on their behalf... ) have days when we just do not feel like putting any and I mean any effort into what we role out of bed in! Today was deff. one of those days I just wanted to be comfortable all while still feeling cute! Also since I live in one of the most humid states.. I decided to scrunch & curl my hair! It was so much fun!.. yes some might find doing ones hair & makeup a drag.. but I adore it! I am obsessed with makeup, and one of my best built on accessories I have.. is my hair! Anyways dont forget the housewives of beverly hills is on tonight.. (yes I am a reality tv show freak!) Have a good night y'all!:)

Tee- Target
Maxi skirt- Tjmax
Tangerine Sweatshirt- Victoria's Secret!
 Earings- forever 21( a year ago)


  1. Love this color on you! And yes the leggings run pretty accurate! So get what you would normally get!

  2. Ahh its like my new favorite color! looks soo good on blondes!!! & thankyou they are totally a must have i just had to ask about the size first!!! xoxo


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