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Monday, April 28, 2014

miss her
kiss her
love her 
that girl

Outfit Details: 
Sweater shirt: right here!
Hat: Cotton On
Hat Flower/braid: Flower Gypsies:exact here!
Leggings: Target
Boots: Lucky Brand- Nordstrom 
Bracelets: Pretty Southern: Shop here!
Wave Ring: KulaKai exact here: click!
other rings: 
CatBird NYC
2 handed down by my gran 
one from my mama 
& one from thrifting! 

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The title... uhhhh ...Yep... exactly what you thought but better.. ha. I tend to embarrass myself... and so like the song "try to catch me "ridin' dirty" I decided to make my own spin on it..  I am so excited to be able to feature these amazing pieces from Shop N8! I love this edgy yet chic brand that is so fun to dress up or down, so comfy chic that you can wear it long boarding, skateboarding, anything your heart desires! The found N8 (Nate) is an absolute pleasure to talk to & work with! His company is amazing and I cannot possibly speak more highly of their efficiency, response to emails, fast delivery & complete assistance with customers! All so quick, nice and always get a great response! Without further bragging about his amazing company & how much I want to sport all their clothes here is todays post! ( make sure you check out the complimentary stickers on my laptop cover! ADORE THEM)
P.s. I appreciate all y'all's patience with my absence but I am back at it.. and nothing is going to slow me down.. hope you missed me;)
Outfit Details: 
Sweatshirt: Shop N8: Exact Here!
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Target
LongBoards: The Compound
Skateboard: Brothers ;)
Beanie: Shop N8: Exact Here!
Shop N8 Stickers as seen on my computer: Visit Shop N8 Sites Below:

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hey Dolls! I am back on my blogging roll and am keeping a promise to myself to get back on track as fast as possible even with everything going on in my life. Everyone's prayers for my boyfriends father  are much appreciated, and I again am soooo grateful for y'alls patience & kind words! 

That being said a few weeks ago I got the chance to do my First EVER juice cleanse, thanks to Mend-Juicery! They are based out of Provo, Utah but let me tell you the juice arrived fresh, still cold & the very next day in the adorable packaging I posted above! I won't lie I was a bit intimidated.. I never really thought about what I was getting myself into to (like usual) I just jumped on the juicing bandwagon & really wanted to try it for myself. I did a two day cleanse and I felt amazing. I cannot lie some of the juices & I did not get along very well.. but some are just acquired tastes that you can't expect to love with a two day cleanse! My favorite was the bottle I am showing in the picture above & the almond (I am pretty sure the almond milk) or rather the one at night was sooo delicious. I had a hard time getting the celery juice down & one other with beets. In reality, I do not drink as much water or liquids as I should.. so I was not used to having so much water & feeling so full and refreshed throughout the day! In between each drink you are supposed to try to drink a whole basically bottle full of water. A good trick I was told was to fill my bottle up when I drank the juice back with water & then it was easier to make sure I was getting the adequate amount of water in between each juice. The pamphlets are easy to follow, the company is so accommodating and always willing to respond quick and answer and questions you have, and I would totally do it again! The first juice cleanse you do I heard is always a change & a bit difficult especially if you are unfortunately a sugar addict & not so healthy eater ( to put it lightly) but with determination & will power you feel amazing after.. and I do have to say my stomach was not bloated, I wasn't hungry & my skin had a weird but amazing glow to it! I am positive on the longer juice cleanses you see more results but it felt really good to give my body the nutrients it normally doesn't get but what it needs, clean it out & give it a new kick start for the new year! 

For More Info: 
you can see their site here: Mend-Juicery
Follow them on twitter: Right here!
Follow Mend Juicery on Facebook: Right Here!

                                       CONTACT US: 

                                                  4801 N University Ave.ProvoUT 84604

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hey guys... I am so sorry for such a huge gap in my blogging! I have been quite sick and going through a lot & trying to finish my semester before summer, however I will be posting all this coming week! One thing I admire & adore from my followers & sponsors is y'alls patience & understanding. Y'all have been there for me from day one and I cannot thank you enough. Today I have a review of a Vape some call them e-cigs... they are not for everyone, I am not a doctor a physcian so I cannot say they are healthy or if they are harmful. Given the choice I would choose the cape over a cig, and over a regular hookah. Not many like hookahs, but in college you can go to hookah bars.. but these capes are like your own hookah, and are basically water vapor, you can personalize them & you don't have to share with anyone else or worry about tobacco or nicotine.. its all your preference and choices! I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend! I am roughly 82 followers on twitter from my HUGE GIVEAWAY! So if you are not following make sure you go and follow :)!
About: Learn About Them!
Types: Vapes & E-cigs
Flavors: right here!

review 101 from Erin Nicole on Vimeo.

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