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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hey y'all I am so thrilled to share a guest post with you guys today I am switching things up with a fellow friend and blogger I admire so much! She is just so darling and has amazing style.. and well she's a blondie like me;)   Meredith from Create That Outfit is such a kind soul, beautiful inside and out and I just love her style! She has awesome taste and I adore the way she is never afraid to just go for it!!!  
Today we chose to style our Favorite Fall Trends! Meredith is rocking amazing track pants, and she could not look any more adorable!

I promise y'all will not be disappointed the least bit!!!
for the link to our post you can find that right here: click!!!

 I just simply adore how she has styled these track pants! Come on they are darling.. and that sequin blazer is just major.. and lets not forget about those shoes! She is stunning and so brave for pulling that outfit off.. but boy does it work with her style! I love it! Make sure y'all check out more of her posts from her blog!! Every post is unique an simply beautiful.. and I promise she is the sweetest person you will ever talk to!

I simply love my outfit.. I can't help my favorite pieces are always boho-chic, boots are my go to thing for fall or basically any time I can find an excuse to wear them, the shawl is so comfortable thanks to my gracious mama! & you can never go wrong with Steve Madden.. he knows the way to a fashion girls heart! Hope y'all enjoyed our post today!
Much Love,

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Monday, September 23, 2013

So this title.. is actually one of my favorite songs from Pistol Annies.. which has Miranda Lambert in it.. and I just love her! She's just so cute & so talented.. I can't help I love country music… born & raised in the south.. it's just about in everyones genes down here;). Anyways the song is perfect because I can get a little sassy here & there.. and I have been called a little spitfire pistol before.. and I am not ashamed… I was raised with a backbone.. and I know how to be polite, mature, and an all American girl.. just don't cross me;).. haa. I had fun just writing this! Anyways I will post the music video below.. I do not own any rights to this video.. JUST FYI.. I do not need any trouble with not clarifying I do not own any rights to this video… so y'all are warned ahead of time!


I just love this song! 
Okay so about today's post.. it is just outrageously insane how comfortable this outfit is… The shirt/sweater.. covers just the right amount .. covers my booty.. and the inside of these leggings feel like cotton balls or what I think a cloud would feel like! All the jewelry in this post is from Dlighted Jewelry! What a darling she is too work with and talk about talent.. and she knows my favorite colors;) A girl of similar taste.. works perfect for me! I know y'all will fall in love with her fab designs! SO check out her site!!! 

love bug season… so cute!

Jewelry: D'lighted Jewelry: exact bracelet here: click!!!
Earrings: right here:)
similar bracelet: here!
rings: CatBird Nyc, one from Mexico, and two gifted:)
Leggings: Ross
Boots: Target
Sweater/shirt: My mamas… the best thing about being the only daughter and having such a beautiful mama with good taste.. saves me a lot of money and always keeps my wardrobe changing;) (Even if she doesn't like it.. she will miss me rummaging through her closet one day!) 
Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed! I always love your feedback.. P.S. some or rather most of that jewelry is on sale right as you are reading this!! 
again here site is right here: CLICK ME

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Hey guys! Toady's post is like a whole different type of post … its basically just highlighting one topic of my style today so I hope you guys like it! As y'all know I am infatuated, enamored, and beyond obsessed with my boots… well I guess any ones boots really.. but I love wearing boots & I wear them all year long and I do not care if its 100+ out.. maybe that's just the southern girl in me.. so one of my go to pieces… tend to always be boots. So easy to slip right on.. and I just love them! Much more of a boots than heels type of girl.. no be prepared there are quite a few.. but I only did my summer/fall collection..  I didn't want to overwhelm y'all with all of my boots at once!!

Steve Madden- my "new" but previously loved boots! 

Target- sleek & sexy!

Target: got them on sale!! LOVE THEM .. little ankle booties! all in the details!

Target: 1-2 seasons ago?!

Live in these! My First & fav steve maddens!

little combat boot!- Windsor Store

Target- Last year!!

Knee High- Charming Charlie's

my cowgirl boots- from a huge cowboy shoe store in Nashville!

Tj-max.. a season or 2 ago

target- wore these too my first brad paisley/carrie underwood concert!

Also oldies from target.. i think 3 seasons ago! Still holding up!!! 
and again these are just my summer/fall/ all the time boots… I will make a winter post soon though!
Thanks for reading babes!

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