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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

So I realized that today it has been exactly a month since my last official blog post. This was incredibly surprising to me as I felt as though I have been in a blur and fog of only a few days. I have vacillated over the past few years to come out and have you know the full me. Not just the one who nannies, goes to university, travels and lives a life most would also want to live. I have finally got the courage to share with you a post I made a few months ago right before I turned twenty-three. Now I am not going to delve into all the minuscule details of my depression and anxiety. I am only here to help #endthestigma and help others become aware that you never know who has or is suffering from depression. I hope one day the World will view depression just like any other serious disease, as it is not a choice, and many to many are afraid to talk about it, for fear of judgement, or pity, or ridicule. Or for the fact they feel that their fight isn't worthy enough for support. I have many a times felt this way. I have suffered from severe depression since I was 17, with multiple anxiety disorders. I usually only share this with my family and those who need to know. However it seems like instead the world may need to see those us who struggle, for them to change how depression & other mental issues are dealt with. I have nothing to be embarrassed of at twenty-three I am now ready to say I suffer from severe depression and crippling anxiety, if you want to take this as an opportunity to knock me or judge me then that is on you. I can't control what others say, or there opinions. We all only have control over what we say & do. So with that being said.... here is one of my videos on my struggle with depression and anxiety. LETS HELP SAVE LIVES. #ENDTHESTIGMA


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