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Friday, May 24, 2013

Hey guys! Sorry I am so behind! today is my brother's graduation I am also, working today, and packing... to a normal person this may seem like the easiest tasks to do.. but to me I completely shut down .. part of my adhd way of processing.. it is like as soon as there is a list of stuff I have to accomplish I just sit there and cannot decide what to do first.. or last.. or even start! So I am sorry I am so behind.. AGAIN if your jewelry or fab designs, clothing is not up this week,  it will be up next week or it gets to come with me to Europe! Which I am so excited about and will surly be taking a ton of photos and just ahhh! So thank y'all for being patient! Really I was not expecting to be so swamped this week/and next week! But I am so grateful for each and every one of you!
Also I have a new Video up under the video section about Keratin perfect!

Tops: FREE YOUR HEART APPAREL: the whole site can be found here:
Love is power tank (mine is in black) : click heree!
Let it go tee: right here!
Blue Anchor tank: right here!
( the tees/tanks are so adorable and comfy! I love to work out in them.. and Just lounge! I will def put up other ways to wear and style them but they feel so soft.. and I cant get enough!)
Headband: Bsavy designs!
leggings- tjmax
shoes- under armour

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Monday, May 20, 2013

This is going to be one of those nights... OKAY WHO WATCHED TIM MCGRAW'S show last night??!!?! I COULDN'T DEAL. How many hot country men can they put in one show.. Luke Bryan's wink should be illegal.. pretty sure that smile & wink can kill someone.. but dannnnnng.... those jeans... were just perfect on all those southern boys. If you did not watch.. then you seriously missed out.. and if you do not like country.. how are you American?! Can't get any more American then some good country music and a nice sweet tea! Let me just say all their wives.. are very lucky women!

 Anyways ... love this outfit.. it is so comfortable... and the jewelry is absolutely stunning! Again both the necklace and the makeshift bracelet... (it was supposed to be a necklace... but that's the beauty of styling your own outfits eh?) have all three of my favorite things in them.. the baby blue... sparkle.. and shine .. could you ask for anything else? Plus Holly is seriously one of the sweetest ladies I have ever worked with! She is an angel so patient and makes amazing jewelry! You can find her site here: Click! Everything in this post just makes this Monday so much more than just a regular Monday...!

Shirt- Burlington Coat Factory
Leggings- Tj-max
Boots- Target
hot pink sports bra- Target
Bracelets: found here! and Here!
Necklace: found right Here!
happy reading babes!
Erin Nicole

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hey y'all hope everyone is having an amazing weekend! So again I am super excited to show you guys everything I have been receiving in the mail! All y'all are so talented, generous, and patient with me! I feel so loved, and blessed! I am so excited for this post! I am featuring STONES AND SEAMS jewelry you can find their amazing designs here: click! That's their full site! Anyways thank you guys for sponsoring me! Love your items.. and I highly recommend you to check it out! So I just love this outfit.. first it is my favorite color... turquoise... second its comfortable third.. I just think it is eccentric and adorable! I hope you guys like it as well! Plus.. as you all know I love boots and fedora's.. I just can't get enough.. no I just can't get enough... hahah sorry.. that song just popped into my head. Random okay .. getting back on track! Without me saying anything else here we go:

Jewelry : Stones and Seams: link to full site!
Bracelet, & necklace: click here!
Shirt: Burlington Coat Factory
Leggings: Burlington
Boots: Target
Fedora: from a quaint boutique in Montreal, Canada
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Vlog... time.... Okay I feel bad for anyone that watches this because I was on my lunch break.. alone.. in the office... so I decided to make videos... and .. yeah this is what happened:

If I left you out I feel horrible! Again I was at work and did not have any stuff in front of me to remind me! But I love you all!
Vlog Part 2: Frustrating things..
Erin Nicole
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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hey guys! So happy Wednesday! Hope y'all are having an amazing week! I cannot wait for the weekend.. I have heard such great things about The Great Gatsby.. and I am dying to see it! So this post I love because its a little out there but when you put everything together it just managed to come together! I am so blessed for all my sponsors.. and I can never say it enough! I also am ever so grateful for my blog audience and followers, y'all really make what I do even more special! Again so much new items, and giveaways coming very soon, stay in touch!
Erin Nicole

Tank: gift from mama that she brought back from her trip!
Leggings: Shop Pretty Girl: exact found Here!
Boots: Steve Madden
(their site is under construction but I will put the direct link to the site when it is done!)
until then their Facebook link is: here!
Intrend Jeweler Twitter: Click Here!
I will post their site as soon as it is done being under construction! You need to check out all their sites they are amazing, affordable and great pieces!
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