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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hey guys, I hope y'all had an awesome weekend, and Easter! I am sorry for being behind on my post, but I am going through a rough time in my personal life. I thank you all for your patience and understanding in this hard trying time for me. Maybe one day I will give details but for now all I can ask is for your prayers and patience. This post has all pictures from pinterest... I do not own any of these or claim to! Just a little inspiration for spring/summer.
Erin Nicole

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Hey everyone! So I am thrilled to be able to work with Miss Erin Nicole. I have been following her blog for quite awhile now and just think she has such a great flare for style! I also love her blog name "The Blonde Latte" how adorable is that?! Being a blonde myself, I totally fell in love with it. I am so glad to share this guest post with all of her followers! Just a little about me....My name is Hayley Fraenzl and I love anything girly. From fashion, to makeup, to hair, decor, cooking, I love it all! And that is what my blog is about.

What is your blog and why did you start it?
My blog is called Lulu Lovely (lulu being a nickname my Dad has called me since I was a baby). It's a blog about a little bit of everything that I love. You will find fashion, beauty and home advice all on it! It kind of depends on my mood what I post. I started it because I have always loved following blogs and seeing how successful people become because of them...I guess you could say I was inspired by all of the fabulous blogs I consistently read :) so I thought "hey! why not try it out?"

Outside of blogging what do you spend your time doing?
I am currently a wife, student, blogger and makeup artist striving to get her business up and going. I just finished my certification in makeup artistry and LOVE being able to glamify and make already pretty people even more pretty! Getting your name out there can be tough so that is what I devote a lot of my time to, but it is so worth it.

What is your favorite style statement?
Accessories. For sure. I feel like accessories can be the most creative (and cost efficient) way to totally change up your style. I am all about being versatile and not spending a million dollars to look like a fashionista! So I collect a lot of accessories so that I can always feel like I am wearing something unique and different!

What do you hope to gain from blogging?
I have always looked up to those people who are good journal keepers and write down every memory... I have decided that I will NEVER be good at that so I feel like as I blog I am almost keeping a journal. I blog about what I wear, where I go, things I cook, products I like...and for me it is like a journal. I can go back and look through posts and remember what I was doing that day and it seems that in a small way I am leaving my mark! My blog is very small now, but I hope that as it grows I can continue to use it to journal, build my business, and be able to interact with new people!

What is the hardest part about blogging?
Okay, to be perfectly honest, nothing about blogging is really "hard". When you love what you blog, sharing it is easy! But what has been hard for me is being discouraged when a post doesnt get as many views as I had hoped, or getting people to become followers. I tend to be hard on myself and I easily feel like I am not doing a good enough job so when my blog seems to be at a stand still I get a little discouraged....but I do believe that hard work always will pay off! So that is why I continue to add posts to my little blog :)

Thank you for taking time to get to know me a little better! I hope you enjoyed it and I REALLY hope to make lots of new blogger friends, like I have Erin Nicole. Please feel free to visit my blog and follow me on any of my sites!

Facebook: LuLu Lovely
Instagram: Hayfraenzl
Twitter: Hayfraenzl
Pinterest: Hayley Fraenzl
Vine: Hayfraenzl

Have a lovely day!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hey guys! Hope y'all are having a good week, this post is short since my last was a rant, but as promised I will announce the giveaway winner! Also some other good news is that another giveaway be happening in the next week! EXCITING!
So the winner to the fab raptor jewelry earrings is :

I like Raptor Jewelry on FB
Please email me within the next 48 hours to claim your prize!:) 
My email:
Hope y'all have a lovely night and day tomorrow!
Erin Nicole
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Hey guys! Hope y'all have been paying close attention to the blog lately many good deals & giveaways! (One giveaway ends this Tuesday! Winner announced on the 27th!) Major discount from Whitening Lightning if you are a follower! The code is in the previous post! I am telling you this is an amazing deal and it REALLY works! No sensitivity just pearly white teeth :)  Anyways today's post is just an outfit post on what I would normal throw on to attend class at university, comfy & yet still cute, without being over the top! I am so grateful for my sponsor whose jewelry is featured in this post! She is such a doll, & her bracelets are timeless and gorgeous! SO thank you Pateel! <3
You can find here amazing shop on the left hand side under sponsors! or right:Here!
If you have not already go check out her shop!

Boots- Target
Leggings- Ross
Shirt- Forever 21
all direct links to the exact bracelets! Get Shopping Loves!
Headpiece- Tripp Boutique
Erin Nicole
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hey y'all I have major news for you guys on this fab Sunday! Who doesn't want dazzling white teeth for spring/summer! Well... you can with Whitening Lightning! And just for my followers they are providing y'all with an amazing 70% of coupon code: xoxe ! How amazing is this! I have a tutorial already up under videos in the tabs section on my blog! You can find it here showing off their amazing goodies: Its the first video on here click here! I will also have a step by step tutorial that all y'all can follow! It is so easy! I am obsessed with white teeth.. and boy did I let mine go! I had no idea they were that yellow until I looked at the dial that you will see in the pictures below! Their website can be found here:click! You will not be disappointed especially with the amazing deal they are providing for all my lovely followers!!! These whitening treatments are made in the U.S. and do NOT cause teeth sensitivity... like some others I have tried before! They are amazing, definitely try it for yourself! All of Whitening Lightning other sites can be found here:
Follow them on Twitter @WhiteningLtning
Instagram @whiteninglightning


then you wait 20 min and waaaalaaa! Lighter teeth!
This is just a quick follow along post but a tutorial will be up soon!
Do not forget the Coupon code for all followers of my blog, its major!
Happy Sunday Loves!
Erin Nicole
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