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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hey y'all So today I had an excellent day spent with just my papa & I. He actually took these pictures, and the few of him I took. It is special explorations/adventures like this that I keep as the fondest memories. My daddy means the world to me, he is the most caring, dedicated, hardworking man I know. We have had our ups and downs like every father-daughter, father-son, mom-daughter, mom-son, relationship, but I can say now I feel we have both come to a time in our lives were we mutually respect each other and understand one another. It is hard when you are a teenager, and you are going through stuff that you feel your parents don't or won't understand. As a twenty-one year old adult..I see things through different eyes! Anyways.. I loved this amazing what place I named "where the wild things are.." If you have ever seen the movie you would totally understand why I chose to rename this amazing artwork done in in front of one of our city's high schools. I think it is so magically unique, intriguing, and mystical natural art piece here in my beautiful city! So I am excited to share it some of it with y'all! Also the fabulous.. gems of the jewelry I am displaying in this post are all in my favorite colors! Hope everyone has a spectacular safe weekend!
Much Love,
Erin Nicole

Shirt: Old... Burlington Coat Factory
Cardigan: Windsor Store
Leggings: Tj-max
Shoes (flats): Windsor Store (I am obsessed!!) 
Necklace: Kyra's Collection:Click here!
Earrings:  Poppy & Dot: Exact here!
Bracelet: Poppy & Dot:  bracelets click here!
Poppy & Dot full site : right here!
Extensions: Bombshell Extensions! 
for further info contact:

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hey y'all sorry for such a delay in my post, I was busy with university & work! However I just love this outfit! It is so edgy yet comfortable.. and I just loved wearing it to class! I have to make this short since I do have class in the next hour but I hope you enjoy! And come on guys.. sign up for the amazing j-crew inspired necklace... it is soooo easy!
Erin Nicole

Shirt: JCPenny
Leggings: Cotton On
Converse: Old... can't remember where or when I got them!
(P.s. embracing the MESS of my hair today as blogger friend from MESSY DIRTY HAIR would say(;    ...xo)

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hey guys, hope everyone had a spectacular weekend! Today's post I just love, first off its really comfortable, it feels like freedom, if that makes sense? It gets real hot here, so this is a very light-weight casual yet boho-chic outfit just to chill in! This headpiece is the most beautiful one I think I have ever laid my eyes on.. Thank you to Sunday Market for it, she sent it months ago, I had just been saving it for the right outfit.. & I think this outfit fits perfectly what do y'all think?
Reminder: y'all have till tomorrow to enter the Wild Butterfly Boutique Giveaway:
Believe me the steps are really easy!!!
The winner will be announced tomorrow evening!

Oh and this is the song I am currently obsessing over right now:
I adore everything about this music video! It is just darn cute!
(I own no rights to this video above, simply borrowed it from youtube)

HeadPiece- Sunday Market 
Tank Top- Tj-max
Lace Pants- Marshall's
Lace Knit Vest- Flea Market
Sandals- Marshall's
Shorts- Sport's Authority 
Jewelry: Freedom Love Beauty 
Full Site:Click Here
Necklace: Exact Necklace!
Bracelet: click here!

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