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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hey guys, hope y'all are having a fab week! This week was quite busy & stressful for me but.. its almost Friday! SO that's a big relief! Anyways I have got some surprises coming for all my followers very soon! Giveaways, discounts, & freebies! Who doesn't love all those things???? I do! So anyways this is a casual outfit, because I am still attending university! So why not throw on some leggings & a cardi for class!

thought I would switch it up with one black & white!
Much Love,
Erin Nicole
Boots- Steve Madden
Leggings- Ross
Tank- Target
Cardigan- Target!(New.. and I love the collection!)
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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hey guys so today's post is a little different compared to my normal posts! Its an actual glimpse into my amazing weekend! My weekend started of with simple relaxing weekly yoga! I love it.. I used to hate waking up early.. even for lets say shopping.. but after the first few weekends of waking up early for yoga my life has changed! I simply must go every weekend! It helps settle my mind & center my soul! Then I had the pleasure of sleeping in on Sunday & then going out with my family to a freestyle amazing motocross show! I was so intrigued by this show it felt like it was 5 min long it was so amazing! I have always loved dangerous things.. its in my blood I think.. always a wild thing at heart! I always like to live on the edge.. even though as I am maturing I realize its not the best way, but you can still have the adventure & passion for life just without the threat of danger! Anyways I have some pictures and videos! All of which are off my iPhone so not as clear as my usual outfit posts!
Erin Nicole
Love this music video by Ed Sheeran:

My beautiful Mama whose birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday again! Love ya more than anything! mwah.
My papa and I on the pier for my mamas birthday lunch!

Smooches for the birthday girl! baby brother & my papa

Valentine's Date Night and outfit !
Nuclear Cowboys:
love her <3
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Monday, February 18, 2013

Hey guys,
So excited for today's post I am wearing/featuring an amazing design from the Printed Palette.. Love their designs and their clothes are so comfy..(COMFY CHIC..MY FAV) I will put the links up to their site etc. However you can find their link under the sponsor section on the left side of my page! Go check out their awesome clothes & great deals! I hope y'all had a good presidents day if you got the privilege of not working, taking the day off, or not attending school! Today was my beautiful mama/best friends birthday! She is as gorgeous and fab as ever! I love her to death and could not even imagine being without her, we really are twinnies, and I would not have it any other way! (Mama if your reading this I loveeee you smooches). Anyways earlier before I cam back to university for the week my mama & I went out shopping for her birthday.. and for fun.. (addiction...could be worse right?) And found this fab coat that I am wearing below! I love it! Yes it was a bit expensive but worth it.
Erin Nicole
You can find the link to the website here: click


Long sleeve shirt- The Printed Palette similar one here: refuse to sink
Fur coat- Local store: Atu
Earrings: Atu
Necklace: Atu
Leggings: Cotton on
Pumps: Target!
Boots: target(last years I think)
Lipstick- Revlon!
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Hey guys! Yes it is a little late in the day for a post, however I was at a motocross freestyle show... it was sooo intense.. ON ANOTHER LEVEL. I do have a little tomboy in me... or rather.. a need for speed!?!?! I have always had an inner eagerness to do dangerous things.. but for the most part its under control .. for the sake of my poor mamas heart, I out her through enough growing up .. and sure when I have little kids of my own, I will get paid back.. oh lord. Anyways on to the outfit of the day! I am sooo happy to show you guys this adorable Bullet Antler Necklace I received from the sweetest owner & designer of Rugged Reflections! She is so nice to have donated this to me, knowing how hard it is to start getting sponsors when you first start blogging! But she too understood, how it is having a passion and the process of getting people to take you seriously! So thank you for your kindness, and your incredible thoughtfulness for someone you haven't even met! Plus I am obsessed with it! One of my very favorite necklaces! So here's my outfit of the day:
You can find the link to Rugged Reflections here:click here!
and the link to the bullet Necklace here :antler-tip-necklace
If anything just go & take a glance at her site, you will fall inlove.. I want to buy the whole lot!

Boots- Target
Leggings- Cotton On
Leather Jacket- Target
Necklace- Rugged Reflections
Shirt- Forever 21
Lipstick- Kate collection Rimmel !
Much love,
Erin Nicole
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