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So I thought I would make a page all about hair!!! Just in case anyone wanted to know how I style it, what tools, products, etc.!


Okay so for me this was sooooo fun to play with! I know hair chalk and coloring hair mermaid colors & other colors were huge this season and I just had to try it! I got the hair chalk from Pretty Buns Boutique! The colors I used were the blue: right here! & the pink: here!
I used my Keratin Perfect straightener to get these curls as well .. before I put the chalk in!

Lets Talk Extensions:

These gorgeous Extensions are from Bombshell Extensions… I have always used Sally extensions and still do.. but there is nothing like BombShell Extensions.. they are just amazing!  I felt like they matched my hair wonderfully, and they are real hair meaning you can style them how you would style your hair normally! Just adore them! You can find the website right here:

Top Knot Bun: 

Okay so for this one… I fess up I had major help again from my!
With the "doughnut whole bun" it is sooooo much easier to throw up my hair and give it a much fuller and rounder look! right here is the exact one I used!

1) This first look I have to talk about for you guys is my wavy laid back hair! I use a crimper to get this look..yes I did say crimper! (not the 80's style crimper!) The type I use is the Revlon big round crimper it has 2 prongs on one side and basically one in the middle of the other! I split my hair into sections and just press and waaaaaalaaaaa! Presto its done:)! SO easy & does not take that much effort nor does it look over done or like you tried! And this is my natural hair color!

2) Look number two- short straight hair! I do have somewhat wavy hair.. but if I want it straight I let it air dry.. unless I am too impatient and blow dry (hardly ever) I am a product feen...I  use Moroccan oil (Sallys... or target?), keratin straight iron spray(Target), leave in conditioner, shine spray.. anything that makes my hair smell good & feel good! I use a chi straighter you can purchase at ulta.. I think sally's may carry it too! I wear this look when I want something quick and easy that still looks put together!

3) Look number 3- loose wavy curls! So I bought a bed hair 2-in 1 curling wand!(Target on sale as well!) I love it! Its so easy but make sure you use the glove so you dont burn your hand!!This is deff my new fav look! I love curly/wavy hair.. it lasts me a few days as well & as it lasts it looks a little different each day (in a cute way)

I also use this little wand for tight bouncy curls!!! its remington! (Target!)

4) Look number four- this wavy look is created with my straightner! yes a straightner! I wrap about 1/2 inch sections of hair around my straightner and the outside of it hold for about 30 seconds and then let go!

5) Look number four- sock bun! Yes .. I have short hair.. no I do not use my extensions when making the sock bun.. many people ask how is it possible.. truth is: bobbi pins.. their a life savor! Thats the only way I can get my short hair to stay put! I do use a sock.. I cut up an black long (tube-like) sock!! and I roll my hair over it and pin! My go to hair do if my hairs messy, dirty, or I didnt feel like doing it! Heres a few pics:

6) Look number six- is the always easy top-knot! very similiar to sock bun.. but totally just as cute & takes less time! I learned this one from watching how-to's on youtube!

Thats all for now loves :) I'll continue to update with my other hair styles!:)

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