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Monday, February 29, 2016

Hey Guys,
So yes.. I have been making most of my main posts on instagram lately but I am finally getting everything back in order! I have so much to update you all on. However we have some major things to discuss! First last night was the ACADEMY AWARDS.. and yes I was most definatly obsessed with the fashion & crossing my fingers for the most deserving of an academy/oscar award than Leo <3 I was basically crying by the time he finally won for the Revenant. He always has the most incredible speeches that actually bring concern for important things to light. If you couldn't already tell I adore him. Secondly I have been trying to get away from vimeo and transfer to Youtube. I must say it is quite hard to adjust but I have a new welcome video!


Before ending today's post I must show you my TOP FOUR LOOKs from the ACADEMY AWARDS last night:

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Friday, February 19, 2016

Hey loves! I know i have many been posting on insta but like you might have guessed I shockingly (..sarcasm..) have caught the flu. I am so over with having a low immune system that I have been slowly trying to improve my health and take different avenues to do so!
I got the chance to try out some incredible & edible ;) products from and I am so excited to review these tiger nut products!


TigerNuts are not nuts, but tubers, small root vegetables which comprised up to 80% of our Paleo ancestors’ diet around 2 million years ago. This ancient superfood originates from Africa. It is currently cultivated in West Africa & the Mediterranean. 


TigerNuts are the #1 source of Resistant Starch, a prebiotic fiber that resists digestion and becomes fuel for our probiotic bacteria. One ounce of TigerNuts has 40% of our daily recommended fiber!
(heres a clip of the too who were inspired enough to go and do their own research on tiger nuts, then started a company to provide these products to everyone to enjoy and have a chance to eat raw vegan, paleo, non gmo, dairy free products! 

Above this are the products I was able to review. Starting from the top.. the drinks provided me with a lot more energy and energy that actually lasted. I have to admit the taste was hard for me to get past at first but the benefits from drinking them outweighed the unusual taste in the beginning. 
I also got to test out some yummy RAW snacks. I am obsessed with these snacks. Both the Original & peeled TigerNut snacks were delicious... i have never eaten something like it but boy was I obsessed after trying them. Another favorite is the Apple Cinnamon Raw Crunch. I ate this for breakfast, and snacking through the day! SO delicious and amazing for you. Please take the time to checkout their site, with their incredible story, and these products! 

Thank you for reading & do not miss out on these nutritious snacks & healthy treats!

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