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Monday, August 25, 2014

Hey y'all, where do I begin with this post? I just love everything about this outfit. This outfit is perfect for those of us already transitioning into fall especially in Southern States or any hot state for that matter! This bag is amazing.. the color .. the style.. I just die with its fabulosity.. and yes I just made that word up. This kimono is perfect, the patterns are so chic and if you get too hot you just take it off! We can't just forget about the jewels. These statement pieces add the perfect amount of glam to this already Fall Glam outfit! Also I am obsessed with these retro cat eye sunnies with rhinestones.. I don't take them off they are so amazing!

Outfit Details: 
Kimono: Tj-Maxx
Tank: Cotton On
Leggings: Tj-Maxx
Boots: Last Season Target
Sunnies: Sunglass Warehouse! website: here!
Purse: Exact Purse:Right Here!
Bracelet & Lotus Ring:
CatBirdNyc: Ring
Necklace & Earrings: Pretty Southern site: Here!
Bracelet: Trinket Trunk!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

This is such a belated post and for that I am so apologetic!!! The geo-patterns I love! This outfit is all put together from! They have amazing designs and accessories to spice up your outfit! This post was taken a few weeks ago and I just never could find the right time to post it! Today it is so hot here it just seems this would be such a perfect outfit for today and I actually will wear it again! Perfect for the hot weather that I wish was fleeting but seems to keep coming back. You have to check out their video for their 2015 collection. Hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

the getaway collection - totem verĂ£o 2015 from Totem on Vimeo.

Outfit Details:
Whole outfit:
Sunnies: Bought in Italy!
Hat: Bought on an instagram shop! 

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hey Y'all,
I hope everyone is having a wonderful mid-week day! Two more days until the weekend, can you believe that already? This week is flying by. Anyways this post is a Part 1 post as you may have seen since we are now entering into fall I thought I would give you guys some ideas of how to transition into fall without just running to uggs, sweats. scarves etc. Lets keep it simple and chic, while always having your own touch to your wardrobe and style! I suggest slowly putting away those colorful purses first and slowly acquiring warmer shades for your accessories. I love metallic's, golds, silver. black, gray, brown. Get some sunnies that also are a bit more fall & not so look at me colors by which  I mean neon's, bright colors, lets tone it down a bit to more neutral colors & darker shades of purples, reds, silvers etc. Now I am not saying to throw all your pops of pinks, yellow stripes, neon colors away or even put them away right now instead lets incorporate them into our transition outfits so you don't feel too rushed into getting out of that beautiful season! Let's face it no-one really wants to leave the beautiful season of summer behind, so whats the rush? Keep some color while adding in your new fall favorites! All of these pieces I put into creating this outfit are affordable and won't break the bank! Let's face it, no-one needs to break the bank to look fashionable and feel like a million bucks!

Outfit Details:
Leather Jacket: Tj-Max
Tank: Old Navy
Leggings: Tj-Max
Boots: Target (last season)
Sunnies: SunglassWarehouse exact ones here:Rhinestone-Cat-Eye-Style
Purse: Galian Online
Necklace: KulaKai exact necklace: here!
Rings: CatBirdNYC, Grandmothers ring, Turquoise ring also from my grandmother.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hey Babes!
So sorry it has been so long in between my posts! I had a minor health scare and had to take some personal time to just focus on my health & myself! I am now back at university & back at blogging and doing everything I love! I adore this outfit. I wore it today to my first day of class and I thought it was just perfect for a not so over done look, & yet still let me look very put together. How cute is this purse from Trinket Trunk!?! I saw it and new I had to have it, so original and detailed.. you can never have too much gems. My stack I wore in this post has been featured throughout my blog before but it is including a new Buddha bracelet I just am in awe of, the lotus ring is on a whole different level as well. I can't forget my classic boots either, hey I'm a Southern Girl and I will wear my boots as much as I want to whenever I want too! Everyone has their own unique statement pieces & go-to pieces and to me boots will always have a special place in my heart. Oh let's not forget about the oh so hippie chic round sunnies in this post, no worries loves they will be making many more appearances throughout the next few months. I have so many fun giveaways for y'all coming up I cannot wait & am just as excited if not more than I hope you will be! Hope everyone is safe and having a great week.

Outfit Details: 
Shirt: Old Navy
Tank: Cotton On
Leggings: Target
Boots: Nordstrom
Purse: Trinket Trunk: On instagram
Necklace: KulaKai exact here!
Sunnies: Sunglasswarehouse! exact here: retro-round
Sin & Virtue, 
Exact Buddha Bracelet: here!
Lotus Ring: right here!
Cat Bird Nyc, & a ring from my grandmother! 
Earrings: Sunday Market

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