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The Blond Late

Hello dolls,
  I thought I would just put down how y'all can contact me if you ever need to, have questions, or if you would like to collaborate/promote/ or sponsor.

Right now I do not ask for any funding to have you on the blog simply promote you by wearing some items & showing them on the blog,the facebook page, & insta! ( I do however keep the items) I am open to any suggestions & ideas! Sometimes we have giveaways were you the designer decide which item of yours you would be willing to give away and we choose out of the people that enter! example- they would have to follow my blog, insta, & fb link and your site, and any other sites about your shop! I am very open to discussions about collaborating/promoting/sponsoring, and would love to even just chat about it! Feel free to contact me any time:) xoxo.

Much Love,

Erin Nicole

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