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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bare with my guys.. this is my first tutorial in a long time.. I was going to add music to it but I for some reason couldn't figure it out.. so here it is, my Temptu airbrush tutorial. Hope y'all like! It is long but it only took me 12 min to do it all together!

Products I used: 

1) Ivory
                1)Peony Pink
              1)bronzer temptu!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hey guys.. I know this a different kind of post for me but I've seen it like all over pinterest and I was feeling extra crafty and thought I would give it my best shot! I think they turned out so cute & they are my new makeup brush holders in my room so cute for spring & adds a pop of color to my room! You can use them virtually for anything even just decoration! Excuse my sloppy handwriting on the chalk board. I hope this is a fun & cute post! Love y'all! Have a great day!

  • Mason Jars : You can find them basically anywhere! Walmart, Target, Dollar Store etc!
  • Paint- I used Acrylic it seemed to work & dry really fast!
  • Gloves- The paint comes off really easy I just didn't want it on my nails
  • Newspaper- no mess & easy clean up
  • sponges 
  • Sandpaper!

I painted the jars twice so they wouldn't be so see through & then sand papered them to give them an old rustic antique feel! 

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