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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hey Guys as I said yesterday I had a second half of the post that I definitely wanted to share with you guys because I love EVERYTHING that stands for and all they do to help out others it is truly amazing.. and of course they make fabulous products that will last years! If you would like more info about their story and everything (if you didnt catch it in my other post you can find it right here: Love-41-story. I hope you guys like today's post, I certainly do! This bag makes quick trips super easy.. I have to admit I am a horrible packer.. last minute/night before/the morning of kind of packer... so bags like this make it so easy to throw in my "necessities" and whatever quick items I might need! So for me the Lana-weekend-bag is a must have! I have always had a gypsy soul... and sometimes I get these impulses and an ache to travel. I find myself in total wanderlust. 

Dress: exact dress: here!
Knee High Boots: - Dolce Vita
Rings: Spoon Ring: Seaweed Souls
Turquoise ring: ( discount code: BLONDELATTE for 20% off!)
Other rings: CatBird NYC,
Lana Weekend Bag: exact here!
Suzette and her sister started as a means to design things they wanted to design and be able to give away 100% of the profits to a mission in Rwanda.
 Lana Weekend Bag $458 
  •  Made from hand loomed Lana rug & Full Grain Leather
  • The perfect size for a carry-on bag for most airlines
  • Adjustable closure lets you pack your bag fuller or smaller depending on your needs
  • Great organizational features include Side exterior pockets and an exterior hidden back pocket (to keep sticky fingers out) 
  • Lined with durable pigskin that easily wipes clean
instagram: LOVEFORTY1
Pinterest: Love 41

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

As y'all all know I am a huge country music fan and especially love Tim McGraw. This video (down below!!) that I will include explains and includes the title! It is one of my favorites and it feature his beautiful wife.. it is just so sweet! Anyways this post I am really excited about because it is taken inside my house for once and not in the usual spot! I adore this window seat and I am glad to show you guys a little into my life! I know I have featured this bag before but it is one of my favorite "go-to" bags! It is from it is a one of a kind which makes it extra special to me but they also have a huge variety of bags that I adore.. I find myself on their site all the time just wanting everything! (However I will keep them in on my wish list!) Also I styled it with some knee high boots & this fabulous dress from the dresses are so affordable and just so boho/gypsy/country/chic!
I have a part two to this post that will be up either tomorrow or the following day. Also make sure to look for a giveaway I have with I know you guys will just love! I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday.. crazy how it is already midweek!

OutFit Details:
Dress: exact dress: here!
Knee High Boots: - Dolce Vita
Genuine Leather Cross body:
Rings: Spoon Ring: Seaweed Souls
Turquoise ring: ( discount code: BLONDELATTE for 20% off!)
Other rings: CatBird NYC,

( I do not own any rights to this video!)

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hey guys,
I am so excited for this post. It features so many incredible items that come together and just make the perfect casual boho look. These glasses I ordered from Polette (my all time favorite eyeglass website, so much variety, trendy & chic.. all for an affordable price what more could you as for??). They are not my first pair I have ordered from them and I can assure you they will not be my last! I have to acknowledge this amazing handmade customer leather cross-body satchel. The creator Brenda is beyond talented and she is just the sweetest!! I cannot rave about her enough! SO I paired my second fav pair of jeans from Shop The Black Alley( .. and I don't ever want to take them off!) with this black tee and amazing kimono, distressed boots, adorable hat and handmade jewelry! As y'all know I have quite the obsession with elephants  and they have such a sentimental meaning to me.. so much more than just what it seems! So I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday & I hope you like!

Black Tee: Old
Fringe Kimono: exact:similar!
Distressed Denim: - Current Elliot
Boots: exact boots: here!
Hat: exact: here!
CrossBody Satchel: OldSoulBags Similar: here!
Layered Necklaces: TalismanbyANYA (handmade in the south!) 
Rings: : use "BLONDELATTE" for 20% off! 
Spoon ring: Seaweedsouls
Lotus ring:
Hand-polished acetate frame adjusted to your eyesight ($51.98).
                                            I get a unique and fashion frame for an affordable price!
                                                                Instagram: @poletteeyewear
                                                                    Twitter: @poletteeyewear

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