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About Me

Hey y'all I am just going to give a brief description on my life, who I am & why I started this blog!! As you all may know I am Erin Nicole. I am a twenty something year old university student, Blogger, Stylist, and nanny.  Whose still undecided.. and a heck of alot confused! (Hehehe..) But really .. I can not decide what I want to do, I know I want to be a elementary school teacher, but I also have a passion for special education. Both are amazing jobs and either one I would be thrilled to have either as my profession. I am a christian and proud. Faith is important in my life.  I was born & raised in the Sunshine State :). Blondieee since I was born!! I have a passion for blogging.. and posting about fashion.. my life.. and anything basically! I have always been everyone nuts since I was a wee thing!! I decided to just go for it and create a blog ..because honestly.. I have always admired others who made them & actually kept up with them! I feel so inspired when I read their posts ! Hope everyone enjoys mine as much as I enjoy theirs!! This is just a place I can vent.. spread my passion for fashion & post where I got my outfit ideas & purchases! Thanks y'all for reading enjoy!!:) 

Alittle about me... My family means the world to me.. I think family is soo important, family to me means a place no matter where I can always come home to, people that love me unconditionally with all my faults & my weaknesses, family builds each other up & watches out for each other. "Blood is thicker than water"
Some of the most influential people in my life :
My parents, thank you for blessing me with the amazing things you have throughout my life, thankyou for the memories you created, the places we travled to, the education you have provide, the encouragment you have given me, and the unconditional love that you have forever flowing from your hearts.
I love you always.

They are so beautiful!

My grandparents are like my second parents, they have provided every want I have ever even thought about.. they have spoiled me rotten since the minute I came into this world, and still to this day go out of their way & over the top for me. I love them so much & Cherish every moment I am able to spend with them.

My Brother.. Okay this is where I will most likely get a bit emotional.. My brother is the best gift that my parents have ever given me, and to my family. He makes my parents & I so incredibly proud, and basically everyone proud. He is now off at FSU.. and I can honestly say I did not imagine this day coming. I love him so much more than he or anyone will know, I also look up to him even though its quite ironic since I am the older sister. He is the sweetest most handsome boy and any girl would be lucky to be with him. He is excellent at basically anything he tries, and rightfully so. He has an amazing personality and I know he will excel in college, just like he has excelled in life.  Yes we fight (only 3 years apart), but even when we scream at each other and want to scratch each others eye balls out, I always know that if it came down to it, he would have my back and visa versa. I do not tell him enough how much I love & care for him, nor do I show him enough. I can only hope that one day looking back he will cherish the moments and memories we have had the privilege to share with each other. I wouldn't trade him for the world. I love you brother, I know you will make us proud like always.

                                           (My beautiful home town! pictures taken by me!)



  1. Your home town is beautiful.. and I sure hope my children say such nice things about each other when they are older. You're such a sweet sister and I bet he is one proud brother. ;)

    1. Awh thank you Natausha! I love where I live! I am sure they will! Believe me when I say we were not always super close, we fought a lot when we were little but as we aged we grew so much closer and I just love him!
      Erin Nicole

  2. Hi lovely, what do you think to my new blog design? Your button got taken off during the resdesign, so I will pop it back on in a mo xxx xxx