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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hey y'all this outfit is one of my new favorites. I adore this neon pink dress and it is so comfortable and chic, you can again dress this one up or down! I decided to add this adorable belt from Jolie USA. So beautiful and it goes perfect with the sea-foam headpiece also from them. They are my favorite! The headpieces are so delicately made and so exquisite! The detail is amazeeee! I also styled this chic little flirty number with some cheetah pumps & my Pretty Southern Jewelry! I think these pieces are so delicate, yet so chic but do not take away from the outfit! Also in this post is my new fav go to bag THE IT. If you don't have one you need one. I can't say it enough! Also my Giveaway ends this Friday on my birthday so make sure you enter!! You can enter all the way up until friday AM! You can enter: The Post is right here:) 


Outfit Details: 
Dress: Sweet_Temptation1
Shoes: My mama gave them to me!
HeadPiece: Jolie Usa in seafoam exact here!
Belt: Jolie Usa : exact here!
Rings: CatBirdNyc, & Carolyn Collection, & one from my grandmother!
Bracelets: PrettySouthernBL

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hi guys so I adore this outfit.. so comfortable who doesn't love a maxi?! And of course the classic jean jacket! The earrings bring a little edge to the whole outfit which I adore, and the shoes are so cheeky I love them! You may see in the following post my "nerdy-chic" glasses.. I know these a very debatable but I personally think they are beyond cute and just can't help myself! I also have to talk about my go to bag.. THE IT. . Not only is it an incredibly chic purse but it doubles as a camera bag.. HOW AMAZING IS THAT! I had always hated having to bring my big bulky not fashionable camera bag with me but I no longer have to worry because of the classic bag with adorable studs that doesn't even look like a camera bag which is the best part. This bag will change the way you look at camera bags. I simply can throw in my charger extra batteries, lenses, and camera along with my essential purse items. Trust me you won't want to go back once you have one and their are so many options and adorable styles for everyone!

Outfit Details: 
Glasses: Claire's
Earrings: Instagram: sweet_temptation1
Facebook: Right here!
Rings: CatBird Nyc, & two from my gran <3
Maxi Dress: Sweet_Temptation1
Heels: Sweet_Temptation1
Jean Jacket: Cotton On
Bag: THEIT: exact here! Full site here: CLICK!
Eyelashes: By Kritsina (see under sponsors!)

Don't forget to enter the Coach Bag Giveaway it is still Open! 

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