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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Hey Guys! So today I am leaving on vacation.. My MacBook is being odd.. hopefully no virus! So I do not know how often I will be able to post but I will have so much to chat about when I get back.. this year, I am trying snow boarding.. wish me luck! I will be back for new years with many styling ideas!!! I am so excited to show you all the options. (If the computer is going to play nice.. I have never been tech savvy.. but come on I saved up & its not even 6 months old!) Anyways can't wait for the car drive have all my movies set up all packed up..along with the escape from boredom necessities, Luke Bryan CD, books, Iphone, Charger, computer & magazines.. you can't go wrong with any of the above, & yep I have two full suitcases for less than a week away SHOCKER.. not.. Fashion lover problems! ( No shame!) I am in love with this comfy chic outfit! Def some of my fav things to wear in this post! Still in the Holiday season & can't believe Christmas is over & its almost the new year? What are y'alls new years resolutions? Maybe you guys can help me with ideas!
On the road we go! Love y'all keep up with me via pinterest, twitter, facebook & instagram!

  • I have to say that I have not been doing anything to my hair except washing it & letting it air dry, however I use Agave Oil all the time.. and I promise you my hair has never been this shiny, soft & manageable in my life! Soon I will show you all the products & steps I do, and It is a must have! I can't tell enough people about it and it's literally MAJOR.
  • My "glow" is from Million Dollar Tan & one of my favorite beauty bloggers/ beauty guru & youtube star Natalie was kind enough to gift it to me & I adore it! I am never tan.. unless I go to the beach everyday & tanning bed.. but I really do not want skin cancer so this is such a good alternative & it starts showing within like 4 hours I can begin to see a difference!
  • The earrings & bracelet are from isanctuary which helps bring awareness to Human Trafficking, you can shop, donate or just bring awareness to this amazing cause. Each piece is so boho chic I love it! Also they are made by the survivors who got out of Human Trafficking it is just simply amaze!

Outfit Details:
Boots: Steve Madden
Leggings: Ross
Tank: Windsor
PlaidShirt: Forever 21
Jewelry: my own items &
Exact Earrings:
Exact Bracelet:

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Merry Christmas!!
christmas morning 2013 (Enhanced) from Erin Nicole on Vimeo.
So Today/Tonight's post is all about Christmas, Faith, Family & of course fashion.. if you have a fashion problem like I do .. or rather an addiction. Anyways today's posts features my lovely family! We got to take these pictures on the way to Church, once at church & after! I am so beyond lucky to have such a beautiful family inside & out. I adore my younger brother.. even if we get on each others nerves... and believe me I know how to push his buttons & he knows how to get my blood boiling but at the end of the day.. Blood is thicker than water, and I will always love him, stand up for him. and be there for him no matter what the circumstance. That's the beauty about family they can voice their opinion, "tell you how they really feel", be disappointed in your actions...but at the end of the day you know they will always be there open matter how great or terrible the situation is. I am lucky to have been able to grow up with such remarkable examples of parents in my life. Today Divorce is all to common, and when & if the day comes I want my vows to mean more than just "till death do us part" because honestly I want forever, and my grandparents are still together after 54 years and happily married.. and my parents have been happily married for 23 & 1/2 years... to me this is such an amazing blessing. They have set the standard pretty high for whoever the Lord leads me to in my life or brings into my life when the time is right.. not going to lie.. I get impatient.. sometimes frustrated & even lonely but I know when I meet the person I am meant to be with it will be all worth it, and I know this because of two generations of fantastic relationship examples. I want to say thank you to both my grandparents & parents, for all they have taught me and continue to teach me even if they don't know I am learning from them! Yes presents are fun I love giving them more than receiving them.. I hate opening gifts to be honest when I think about it my palms start getting sweaty.. (yuck I know).., but I love the smile on the persons face when they open the gift you bought them & their eyes light up & their smile shines so bright you can feel the joy & excitement! But  even if we didn't have present to enhance this amazing holiday.. I know we would still have just as good of a time, my favorite time of the holidays.. is when we sit down and all eat together say grace, & just talk. I also love when all the joyful chaos calms and I find myself thinking about everything I have accomplished this year, who made an impact on me, what I am proud of, who inspires me, and what I am truly grateful for. I wish everyone a glorious Christmas & Holiday!

Outfit Details:
Hat: Target
Dress: Tart Collections: Full site/ Exact Dress
Stockings: Target
Wedges: Windsor
Bracelet: Target
Rings: CatBird & from my Grandmother
Necklace: full website:  exact here!

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